Name : Shamroz Khan
 Show Name : BinDass Boll
NiCk : SHaMoO
 ZoDiaC Sigh : Gemini
 Fav Song:Ring My Bells , Im In LoveFav Food: CHinese Food
Fav Colour: REd And WHite
Fav Moment Of Life: When I Was Born And First Time My Mom Hug Me And Kiss On Forhead ^_^
What Is Life: Life Is A Packet Of Happiness Just Open It And Enjoy It
Your Ideal:My Dad Is My Ideal Personality
What Do You Think About Your Voice:  Its Too Sexy Jst Try To Feel It :p
You Love: I love My Family And Suppoters
One Line About Dostiplace: Dostiplace Is My Second Home And Today Who Ever Im Just Because Of Dostiplace Without Dostiplace I Cant Introduce My Self 🙂
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