Dostiplace Online Radio Certification

To Verify your Dostiplace Certificate

First of all we would like to congratulate to all dostiplace online radio Admin/rjs/Djs/Users who got one of the recognition certificate from and all the certificate holders are now requested to provide a printed image of the certificate you received via email so we can have a copy online on our website portal which helps all of you to verify that the certificate is genuine. If you failed to do then all certificate will be considered as FAKE/sample.
Anyone who will get the certificate will have his/her name on our website

NOTE:We will not accept any screen shots or any other digital form apart from its Laminated/Printed . This is due to verification process and you will haveĀ  a hard copy for yourself.

Short introduction about us

Dostiplace Online Radio is a totally free platform to provide free Radio Jockey/DJ training and we help people to get themselves promoted on social media for free.

We are open

We are open 24 hours a day via website only.


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