Full Name : RJ Naina Khan
Date Of Birth : 25/01/1990
Zondiac Sigh : Aquarius
Show NAme : Dreamy nite(FDI ADDTION) & Bazm-e-mohabbat (poetry show)
Current Fav Song : (zindagi se chura k) from the moive Razz 3
Fav FooD : biryani
FaV MomEnt Of LiFe : The best moment in my life was my childhood.
What Is life :Life is a precious to anyone
Who Is Ur Ideal : mY parents
What Do u Think About: its tutti-frutti
You Love : i love rain,music, outing,parties
You Hate : i hate waiting…(Hahahah)
Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rj-Naina-Khan-Dostiplacecom/103810179756260