Name: Alishba
Nick: Shiza
Date Of Birth: 10th of February
Fav Food: Stuff chicken
Fav Colour: Red,Black & sky blue
Fav Moment Of Life: When i got 91% in matric board exam and my school give a surprise party with this news after a great hesitation.
What Is Life: Life is a game who success in your life they will get everything in this world live alive and after death but who get success with great intelligence.
Your Ideal: My mom
What Do You Think About Your Voice: My voice is not sweet but it has a power to motivate every person.
You Love: Nothing special in my life now who love special and my mom and dad i love also but this love not compare this question because mom and dad love is constant
One Line About Dostiplace: Dostiplace is a great place of friendship and special this place give spirit those rj or dj who motivate other person and specially it gives power to talk each other in any topics without hesitation
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