Name: M.Husnian Ali
Show Name: Rj^Haani
Nick: Haani
Date Of Birth: 20 sep 1995
Zodiac Sign: virgo
Fav Song: Tou jane naaa
Fav Food:  Pizza ( fajida)
Fav Colour: Black
Fav Moment Of Life:  First Show at Dostiplace with Full Tafri since 13 Aug 2016
What Is Life: Fun nd masti coxz 4 din ke hai ye zindgi. Do and die this is a old concept. Do it before die. Its new concept
Your Ideal: Rj Ayaz Ahmed
What Do You Think About Your Voice: no idea. But jo bhe hai me tw shows krounga rok sko tw rok lo.
You Love: Music
One Line About Dostiplace:  best web Radio. I loved it.
Fan Page:  Rj Haani fan club