Privacy Policy for Online Radio

Dostiplace which is an online platform that serves in the field of electronic media precisely for ‘Online Radio’. On daily basis, we receive a massive amount of audience which is why we take complete responsibility of your privacy and data you provide us or data we collect from you across our website that is  Therefore, we make sure that these are the only possible way we collect user’s information also we assure that other than these mentioned ways we do not ask for information from our site visitors.

How We Collect Information

Personally, Identification Information: By this information we mean your name, your email address name, social security number, biometric records, mother’s maiden name and place of birth.

Non-identification Information: Information like does not personally identify/ recognize you that is the number of users who Sign In / log in on to this website on daily basis.

We take information of our users via lawful means with our visitor’s knowledge and consent. Therefore, your personally identified information is only collected either you request any of the following:

  • Apply for Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Apply for Disk Jockey (DJ)
  • Apply for Audition
  • Apply for Job / Internship
  • Apply for Guest Post
  • Educational Programs
  • Survey / Marketing
  • Sponsorship Program
  • Volunteering Work
  • Contact Us

Information Protection & Usage Policy

We only maintain collected information for as long as needed to deliver you with your requested service. Since the information we collect is by the approval of the users, we consider it as our responsibility to secure and to prevent loss and theft from all possible circumstance such as Un-authorised access of sites, disclosure, modification and use, and copying. We assure you that any of your detail will not be share to third-parties without your permission/acknowledgement only when required by the state law. Since we are diversified in our field, we hereby declare that we may link to external sites that are not owned/operated by us.

Please be aware that we take no responsibility for other sites that contain our link and also declines any claim of controlling their privacy policy. Since we understand the online business and communication practices, we allow our users to refuse our request for holding your information as per the acknowledged usage.

Radio Shows & Songs Privacy Policy

Radio Jockey Content Privacy Policy:
Since we are known as best online radio, we assure that the content our radio journalist use in their program never breaches anyone’s privacy, be entirely political or use anyone’s else copyrighted concept/ideas other than songs.

Our web radio does not allow any Radio Jockey to speak/discuss content does not match with our policy. Subsequently, we also do not allow our Radio Jockey to on-air content that could possibly cause any violence or humiliation or any of the team member or site visitors. In case you find any content that has been used in the show without acknowledging the original content holder, you may contact us immediately and we will assure that after all evidence and clarifications we will remove instantly.
We are highly concerned with our content which is why in case we find any RJ using our web radio content to any other website that is not owned/operated by Dostiplace team we have right to terminate them immediately.

Since we are not just holding the strict policies for our Radio Jockey we are also responsible in protecting their copyrighted content and ideas by getting copied in such case we will take strict and legal actions immediately.

Disk Jockey Privacy Policy

Dostiplace Online Radio is a music station that plays songs of all genres that include worldwide artist’s songs collection. We hereby do not use any content “songs”, “instrumental”, “melodies” or “tunes” that are highly preserved or bounded to play only when purchased. Therefore, we keep our DJ bound to only play music that is available in Free version and can be downloaded with no restriction of payments.

The Content on the website available purely belongs to Dostiplace and on various occasions, we do use 3rd party content and for that we do use their hyperlink and give credit to relevant organisation or individuals.  Our Website contains Audio player which we are using to play free mp3 sounds available online.

We do not disclose any of user details to any third party. We also allow our radio show’s guest that are outsiders, to create their own unique music and showcase their talent easily with proper acknowledgement.