Apogees of Love

Apogees of Love ( Suggested by Isha khawar) 

Once a man married to a very beautiful girl and He was in, so much love with her. But, unfortunately after sometime of their happy days, the wife got a very severe skin disease, and due to this her beauty was effected badly and she was losing her elegance, by passing day by day. One day, the husband was coming back to home from a long journey, but in the mid-way, he met a horrible accident and in which he lost his eye sight.

but all of these horrible incidences, still they were living happily , and with the passage of time, her wife was losing her facial beauty , but as the husband was blind so he didn’t feel it and still loved her so much. Both used to care and love with each other as the days were passing. after many years, her wife died and the husband got lugubrious (very sad) due to this incidence, he got so much disappointed from his life, that he sold all the things and planned to move on some other city for residence. When he was leaving his city, and was on the way, someone called him from back and asked, ‘’how you will go alone? As you cannot do your work by your own, and your wife used to do all thing for you till her death”.
The blind husband then answered. ‘’ I am not blind! But I was acting like I cannot see anything. Because if I had told her that I can see her ugliness! This could hurt her more. So I decided to act like a blind man. I did so, because she was a best wife, and I only wanted to make her happy so I acted like this.

Moral 1: Love and care, can make your life more beautiful, still if you have difficulties and disappointment.

Moral 2: The beauty is not in the face, but it’s the soul, that’s makes a man or woman more beautiful.

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