Stand Up for waqar Zaka Social Media Viral Video response

Waqar Zaka is a well known VJ and Host of reality shows of Pakistani channels like ARY Musik and Play Entertainment since 2002. He gained public recognition when he hosted popular reality show Living on the Edge and several live shows.
He gained a reputed attention when he visited Burma and shared how brutally Muslims are being killed and assaulted and updated everything through his Official facebook page. People all over the world supported him and send huge funds to help people in Sittwe, the majority area of Rohingya Muslim. Just like Junaid Jameshed (late) was assaulted by a charged crowd at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport on March 28, 2016 another famous TV host Waqar Zaka was assaulted.

The group leaked the video on social media where Waqar Zaka was shown assaulted by strange group who dragged, slapped and obscenities him on street. While he updated media about the actual story behind this attack and about his positive gestures, Waqar Zaka claimed to leak information of females and also harassing girls.

We team of Dostiplace Online Radio is witness that Waqar Zaka take complete responsibility of female privacy and does not breach it. For this purpose, Syed Zaib (Dostiplace Online Radio) Administrator and I myself Rj Novera Sheikh(Rj at Dostiplace) are eye witness and will surely quote that during his visit in November, 2015 to London he posted a video of Tayyaba Iftikhar where she shared information about how one can apply for scholarship in foreign countries to study M.Phil. PHD. He mentioned during the video that he will remove the video if anyone tried to bothered her. After few days video was removed from his page Click To View Page for keeping her privacy safe.

This way we support Waqar Zaka that he is a trust worthy person and take complete responsibility before making and uploading any video or sharing any information. Moreover, here I would like to share another personal experience with him, I contacted Waqar Zaka to bring him on air in my show at during the time when needed people to promote his efforts for Burma and send him more funds. He was as respectable as I imagined he replied me decently and answered my questions that leads to complete satisfaction of his dignified character.

I have also worked in ARY news as an Intern and I have seen him many times, but never found him gazing or acting inappropriately. Besides all what people are talking, we team of Dostiplace online radio support him and promote him whenever he asks public to help and promote him. Therefore, if anyone who claim him that he breaches privacy we are here the eye witness of waqar zaka attitude and how securely he keeps one’s privacy.

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