Importance of Education and the role of our radio -Dostiplace

First of all there is a need of understanding, what is meant by education and what is getting knowledge.

When we study or learn something from proper institutions and in a regular way that is the education but what life teaches us is something like it is a knowledge and it doesn’t requires any institution but depends on someone’s life experience.

Education play very important role in our life as because of this we are able to make decisions, to differentiate between good and bad, and also helpful in creating our personality. But this doesn’t mean, we only restrict our self into schools and universities or colleges but social life is the most important thing for success in life.

The people who have top degrees from educational institutes but they have no friends, then they are less successful in their life as they have low confidences level and no practical approach, but in contrast to those who have many friends and they have great interactions with society, they are more confident and successful people, although they were mediocre students in their educational time period.

nowadays , we have educational institutions but due to much stress , student have no time to improve their social sector, so for this there are some social websites that are playing great role in education as well as entertainment.

so in this critical situation, there is less time with more competition, and we  Dostiplace being part of social sector, are providing a best platform for all the people to release their stress while they can also improve their studies and also help other people to gain good grades.

we have official group to join, in which you can come and have a good debate, learn and make friends, and I can proudly say that, being part of dostiplace, I have improves my life , also have gain many good experiences to build my confidence and to promote education .

Here u can post any topic from your life or from any subject, and then there would be discussion for this, that could create a positive response. Along with this if you are feeling any difficulty in writing, it would be a pleasure to tell, and that u can improve it as well. So don’t waste time, come and join us, solve your problems, don’t feel stressed or lonely, just stay with a positive attitude, and have good time with dostiplace members.