Dostiplace Rjs DJs Rules & Regulation

Dostiplace Rjs DJs Rules & Regulation:

Welcome to dostiplace online radio.

Short introduction  about  this page. We recently had issue related   going live on-air and from now on dated 11 September 2018 none of the rj can take any slot which was assigned to someone else i.e. DJs. Dostiplace will ask all djs to post their posters on our social media at least a day before of their shows otherwise Rjs can take the slots anytime whenever they are free to go live.

RJs can swap the slots with each-other but they  should inform any available radio admin first otherwise RJ show can get terminated by any of  the senior radio admin.

All rjs/Djs are requested to use their nick name with RJ-DJ(i.e. RDJ-Janab -or DJ-Janab) except SaaZ.