Our Mission
Aim & Objective

Dostiplace is a weapon to build your confidence . Now you must be thinking how we do it???

Dostiplace is one of that platform where the talent speaks! Since its mission is promote the talent and to bring up the youth with their best capabilities and expertise too. Dostiplace provide these opportunities on behalf of the active and efficient team which trains and enhance the new voice until it comes to its best level. Moreover we believe that the more we minimize the distance among the culture the more it creates new ways to promote talent across the world. We manage to portray all the colors of voice at one single canvas to complete the picture of one world at one place that is Dostiplace.

It’s not just about getting a song on the radio or appreciating television. It really is about helping people change their lives one day at a time and we are proud of saying that we have done this very efficiently. That why it’s not just a radio but it’s a platform where you learn and get experience. It’s a place where you get promoted .It’s not a radio but a social network that has listeners not in one country but belongs to whole world that’s why we say it proudly we are DOSTIPLACE. dostiplace has promoted people and they are working now professionally and have made their carrier like our Rj Shamroz Khan Who is working in fashion industry in karachi pakistan and RJ Haya NooR is now working as a model. We give u confidence that no one could give, we give u platform to promote yourself .Dostiplace radio is a place of friendship where you can make friends and improve your social circle and get promoted. We not only provide fun but we are officially helping people like we have groups regarding to education where you can take help in improving your grades and admins are always available to help you.


We also have fun loving areas where u can share your top achievements.


We have Facebook pages where you will find informative stuff, quality and inspirational videos.

So get connected to the world’s best online web based radio.
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